December Favorites

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Can you believe this is my twelfth and final favorites post of the year? Time to start it all over again.

BUT FIRST. A few favorites from December:


I've never really been a user of face primer, just eyes. But if you wear face makeup you should really prime it first to get a smooth canvas that "sticks." So when Borghese gifted me with their Prima Viso primer I was eager to try it out, and I've noticed my bronzer stays on better. So, WDAC seal of approval official.

Essie's Leggy Legend made an appearance for most of the month because what's more festive than gold glittery tones? 

December is one of my favorite times to break out my go-to lipstick, Rimmel Kate 107. It's such a perfect shade of red and complements nearly every skin tone.


The overall dress featured here is so versatile and I feel like it's chic while managing to be effortless, which is what my winter wardrobe needs to be.

Another f21 find.... this little cream dress. (for some reason I could only find it on the European site) It was the Christmas Eve outfit and I couldn't think of a better one.

Everything else:

This month's read was recommended to me, I'll Give You Sun by Jandy Nelson. I've never read any of Jandy's previous novels, but this one sounded good. I'm halfway through and it's got me.

Does this next one count if I've only had it for five days? I'm gonna say yes. (I make the rules, duh) 25 is everything it's been hyped up to be. Her vocals kill and there's not one song that doesn't make me feel things. Plus, I've had the line "Send my love to your new lo-over" in my head on a loop and I can't even be mad about it.

I decided to start Grey's Anatomy a couple weeks ago. It's not like I'd never seen an episode, in fact I've seen a lot of them over the years. But I was always just a casual watcher, only mildly attached. But now... now I can't stop clicking next episode and wondering how my life got to this point. Casual.

YOUR TURN. What products did you fall in love with this December? Any oldie-but-goodies like that lipstick of mine? Spill.

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