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Friday, December 4, 2015

According to pinterest, the bedside table is one of the most important aspects of a bedroom. 

However, in all the fuss of the aesthetic, sometimes the things actually on it get overlooked. But what's the point of having a pretty nightstand if all it's got on it is three empty water bottles and gum wrappers? (this has never happened to me, never)

So, what goodies do I have for a good night's sleep? Take note. 

Lip balm
Applying lip balm (eos is a fave) before bed has become such a routine to me that I don't even think about it anymore. It's just boom and boom, especially from November- March when my lips are dryer than my hair after a good blowout.

Foot lotion + hand cream
If you've been on your feet most of the day (or even part of it) chances are they're as tired as you are. Give them a break. Oh, and moisturize your hands too. 

Lavender oil
Lavender is a known calming scent, and a drop of essential oil on the feet is sometimes all you need.

A calming candle
Of course I'll light mine sometimes, but I feel calm just by looking it. (is that weird?)

Lavender pillow spray
I've raved about my Earth Therapeutics pillow mist before (now in a generic bottle because I broke the original) and spritzing some is the last thing I do before turning out the light or diving into a book. (Segway, hey oooh)

Reading material
The book I'm reading at the time will always make its way onto my nightstand. It's easy to get to when I'm ready to snuggle up with it, and there's nothing like falling asleep to a really good book.

YOUR TURN. What's on your beside table? Anything I should add? Tell meee.

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