WDAC's Women of the Year

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On Monday night, Glamour magazine held their annual Women of the Year awards, honoring entertainers, athletes, and other leaders who have been of inspiration throughout the year.

Which, of course, has inspired me to make With Dignity + Coffee's own little list of WOTY. 


And the awards go to..............

She's known for her outspoken take on feminism and take-no BS attitude, and it's beautiful. She speaks with grace and passion and stands for every woman. Quite possibly my favorite thing that's happened for her this year is getting her own Barbie doll. Every little girl needs representation.

I've followed Sophia since the OTH days and she continues to be a force of nature. She's always using social media to raise interest and awareness of important issues and organizations and is an active voice in those communities. Brooke Davis would be proud. 

I know. I literally cannot go five seconds without throwing something about Taylor Swift in to everything. I'm sorry.  She's just everything. 

Have I gushed enough lately about Rowan? The girl is fourteen and yet so eloquent, passionate, and everything that makes a WDAC girl. 

My mom
The older I get, the more I realize how much I'm like her and that's something I didn't know I needed.

My grandmother
She was a fiery golden ember. 

Now that I'm done trying to sound like some sort of deep poet, tell me your WOTY nominees!

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