November Favorites

Monday, November 30, 2015

This month was all about the beauty scene and quality over quantity. In fact, I think the months I don't have a bunch of favorites are better because you know the ones that made it are worthy.

So, here we go:

I tried Borghese products for the first time this month and it's safe to say that although on the higher end budget wise, the brand has the WDAC seal of approval. I've been obsessed with both this lipstick* in Grappa and this shadow palette*; the colors in the palette are super pigmented and shimmery and the staying power is incredible. The lipstick is as well, the only downside being it sometimes makes its way onto your chin. (Or maybe that's just a me problem. Help?)

Speaking of lips, I've been using my Rimmel Moisture Renew transparent lipliner like crazy this month. It's basically an essential for your fall/ winter lip routine, after all.

I also decided to try elf's lip exfoliator since it's pretty much the Sahara up there this time of year. You just put it on like normal lipstick and kinda roll it around. (don't worry, it's clear) Leave it on for a sec, wipe it off, and voila. 

My monthly polish favorite is Essie's Matte About You, which has been loved for ages but for some reason I never owned it. Now that I do I see the hype... it makes any color turn into a pretty matte finish.

Non Beauty

Okay so I've been reading You Deserve a Drink since July. I know. And it's not that it's not good (it is on this list, isn't it?) but sometimes life just makes me a slow reader. But now I'm thisclose to finishing it and I kinda don't want to. Because, girl's hilarious. That wasn't news to me or anything, but if it's possible I love her even more. The entire book I've read in her hilarious, dirty joke, pun-making, pop culture referencing voice because she's just. that. good. 

I've been listening to Ellie Goulding's third and newest album Delirium all month long. I actually don't have proper words for it. It's.... celestial. Yeah. That's it. 

If I'm being real, I wasn't super hyped up about Adele's return like everyone else was. Don't get me wrong, girl's incredibly talented. I guess I just wasn't into it, or maybe I got used to just hearing her old stuff. But. She proved me so, so wrong with Hello. I haven't had a chance to listen to 25 yet, but I'm sure the entirety of the album is up to par. I guess I'm on that Adele train after all.... 

(It looks like it's the ladies killin it..... what's new.)

What favorites did you discover this November? Any oldie-but-goodies you've been usin' up? TELL ME.

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*I received the products marked with an asterisk (*) complimentary, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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