Three Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Monday, October 26, 2015

As much as I love Halloween and picking new costumes each year, I kind of get lazy with things and I always end up waiting til the last minute and then I usually just fall back onto my "go-to" costume. (A ride or die, if you will)

But fall back no more, because I've got three easy costume ideas you can throw together easy peasy.

Cher costume

There's no denying Clueless is a classic, and so are Cher's outfits. Her famous plaid look is easy to re-create with pieces you probably already own.

I'm a Mouse Costume

Who can forget the Mean Girls scene with Karen's "I'm a mouse. Duh"? As usual, Target's got you with their graphic tee. Add some leggings and mouse ears and voila! If you wanna throw a little diy in, you can even make your own shirt.

Flapper Costume

And then we've got my personal go-to, the flapper look. Always classy and fun, you can go for an actual costume dress or a fringed dress from a favorite store.

Now let's play a game called which one will be my costume this year........

What's your fave last-minute look? Any go-to's?

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