How to Prepare for a Taylor Swift Concert

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When preparing for a Taylor Swift concert, there's some important things to keep in mind:

Gather the essentials. Try not to cry. Cry anyway. Repeat. Sounds reasonable.

Army of essentials 
You'll need some staples for the night. Examples? Red lipstick. Camera. Glitter. In fact, cover yourself in the stuff. (Metaphorical glitter works too)

Try not to cry. 
I get it, this is like, a big deal or whatever. But try not to make a fool out of yourself, yeah? Get it together. 

Cry anyway.
Did you actually think you could get it together?


This awful great post is actually a lowkey (I started saying that word ironically and now I can't stop) way of trying to keep myself chill for the weekend.

That being said, tell me if you've seen her this tour. I wanna know ALL THE THINGS.

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