Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Do you ever watch a video or read a blog post and every point the person makes you're just nodding your head and silently yelling yaaaas? (or out loud, no shame)

So the other day I was watching the lovely HelloKaty's most recent video and I had a lot of those moments, particularly when she was talking about the use of the word goals.

Somehow somewhere along the way, social media gave new life to that word. Friendship goals and squad goals and my personal favorite, body goals (shudder) are abundant. I actually say "goals" a lot.(in this post especially) I've probably even said it to Katy before, (sorry girl) and I always mean it as a compliment. Like, hey girl, your outfit is goals. Your brows? GOALS. 

But something I've realized is that all the things we use goals as a descriptor for are usually superficial. Maybe I shouldn't take these things quite so literally, but I kinda feel like we're focusing way too much on other people. Like Katy said, 

"If another person is your goal then you have a very warped perception of life." 

I think instead of putting so much weight on the physical and superficial, the things other people have that we can't change about ourselves, we should pay more attention to what's inside. (I tried to put that in a way that didn't sound like an after school special but alas) You can start to get so wrapped up in wanting someone else's (seemingly) perfect life that you just watch yours go by without really participating. 

And for what? These people may have pretty clothes but that really doesn't mean anything if their qualities aren't admirable.

Like, Taylor Swift is goals because of her kindness and genuine-ality. (I made that a word don't worry)
Rowan Blanchard is goals because of her intelligence and eloquence. 
Helene is goals because she can take anything and turn it into blogging gold. 

Taking qualities about people you admire as inspiration isn't a bad thing, as long as you don't try to become that one part of them so much that you actually do. Keep yourself front and center.

But the whole #bodygoals (I could do a whole other post on how twisted that one is) and #relationshipgoals and all the others have got to stop. It's not fair for anyone to be put on such a pedestal, and it's not fair to you to make those expectations for yourself.

I feel like this is kinda all over the place but it's been on my mind. Where do you stand on the #goals madness?

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