1989 | One for the Books

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh how Saturday night was one for the books. 

If you follow my snapchat (shameless @kaemichelle promo) that became embarrassingly clear early on in the evening. 

Things happen while preparing for Taylor Swift, and then you learn some things once you're actually there. Like:

// The fact that Taylor is not human. You realize that she is instead in fact some sort of magical fairy that sprinkles pretty dust on everything she touches. 

// Sometimes the moms have way more fun than their kids. And that's totally cool. You do you, moms. 

// Two hours is really not enough time at all.

// I could write this whole big thing on the show, (trust me, it's on loop in my mind) but I think everything can be summed up into this:

Taylor Swift shows are a fairytale wonderment that everyone should get to experience. 

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