The One Where I Went To a Blogging Webinar

Friday, September 4, 2015

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*There would normally be some artsy photo at least halfway relevant to the post, but half my things are stuck in storage and if blogging has taught me anything, it's that sometimes you gotta improv. And lol @ life. 

On Wednesday night, I popped on over to Helene's webinar. I'd never actually been to one of these things before, but at least I didn't have to stress over what to wear. Thanks internet. 

Anyway, as I took notes (because I'm super studious) and listened to Helene talk about monetizing your blog and knowing its worth, a certain phrase kept popping up: 

You are unique.

And that phrase got me thinking about the immense respect I have for fellow bloggers and creatives. Because it's true, we are unique and so are each of our spaces on the Internet. 

I'm glad I have a space I'm proud of and that I can share a community with like-minded people. I'll be honest, in the blogosphere it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the "successful" blogs and pressure yourself to be a certain way or post certain things.

But you are unique. Your blog is unique. And I think it's pretty cool that so many different people from all walks of life have this one thing in common. 

PS. Another thing I learned from Helene? As long as you're genuine about it, you should never feel guilty for making money from your blog! You've worked hard enough for it.

Have you ever attended a webinar? What'd ya learn?

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