September Favorites

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This month had quite a nice array of favorites, ranging from beauty and fashion to a couple of home baubles. 

First things first:

A couple weeks ago I went and picked up a new brush (one can never have too many of those) from Walmart. I'm probably super late on this but I had no idea Walmart carried Real Techniques.. who knew? Anyway, I grabbed a foundation brush and I've been looooving it. The angle to it makes it so simple for the product to glide on and it just overall gives a nice finished look. 

I've probably talked about this Essie polish one too many times already, but it's just that good. I chose In the Lobby via another blogger's recommendation and it's the perfect little autumn nail companion. 

Confession: I've never really been the safest when it comes to heat and my hair. I just went along with the flat iron, naive to the breakage around me. As I've been doing my hair lately, I'd noticed some strands looked kind of.... fried. I knew I needed to change, and that's where the TRESemme Thermal Creations heat tamer comes into play. TRESemme is a favorite brand of mine, so I trusted my gut and like always most times, it was right. I feel like the spray actually softens my hair some and I've already seen a difference in the level of fry-age. BONUS: It smells pretty amazing, too.

When you move, I think it's actually impossible to control yourself from impulse buying all the things. Yikes.

A few of my faves? 

This autumnal print from the cutest little etsy shop called The Trendy Sparrow

I like the look of succulents and flowers and these precious little flowers from Target caught my eye. The best part of fake plants? No watering required.

I pick up a new candle from the Signature Soy line a little too often. This pumpkin cheesecake one will make you want to eat it. (But please don't) 

And this month was the month of fashion week, which is a no-brainer favorite. NYFW is where it's at for me and DFV, Tory Burch, and Jeremy Scott's shows were GORGEOUS. They were all gorgeous, really... 

Anyway, that does it for my favorites... now onto October!

Tell me all the things you've been obsessed with.

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