Finding Your Blogging Voice

Friday, September 25, 2015

It will be two years next month since I started blogging regularly, (times flies when you're having fun) and soon after when I decided I wanted to get "serious" about it. In that time, the blog has gone through a few transitions and it took me awhile to really find my blogging voice. Now I feel like this blog is really "me", but at times I wasn't quite sure what my voice was, and I think sometimes a lot of bloggers feel that way, especially newer ones. 

So how can you establish a strong voice while staying real? (I'm starting to hate the term authentic, so we'll go with real)

Think about details of your personality. How can you incorporate it into your online voice? I'm sarcastic and sometimes witty, so most times that carries over to my writing.

Find inspiration. Look at some of your favorite blogs and the voice they've established. What makes them so relatable and readable? Figure out it for you, too.

Write the way you talk in real life. This probably seems like a duh thing, but when I first started blogging I sort of thought I needed to sound "professional," almost as if I was writing a newspaper instead of a blog. For some bloggers the more serious tone might fit their brand more, which is totally fine. But don't lose your personality either- it never hurts to be cas sometimes. (See? We can all be hip with the times)

You won't find a consistent voice right away, but with time it'll become like second nature and you'll woo everyone away with your unbeatable charm. And if not, at least you'll woo yourself.

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