Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Game Over, Charles

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last night was the night. After six seasons and five years of our lives that we'll never get back, the identity of A/ Charles was revealed. 


I once read a theory that CeCe Drake was actually Charles, making her transgender, and I didn't really pay much attention because to me it was just another theory in the book that wouldn't pan out. Who knew I was wrong? 

Eve though some of the reasoning of her being A still doesn't make much sense to me, I should've put the pieces together. Those identical dresses Mrs. D. had. All the creepy twin stuff. The resemblance between Ali and CeCe.

CeCe stole the game from Mona in Radley. Like I said, I'm still confused on the reasoning. She said she hated the way the girls were relieved when they thought Ali was dead, so that entailed tormenting them and ruining their lives? 

I knew Sara Harvey was involved somehow, but making her Red Coat and Black Widow seems a bit forced. What were her motives? How did CeCe convince her to help her? Sara didn't even know the girls in the beginning. I don't understand how that was supposed to work.

They said all the questions would be answered in this episode, but there are still so many. Why were Melissa and Wren always so shady? Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? Are the moms still stuck in the basement??

I think what I'm having the most feelings over is the time jump. That little "preview" we got was interesting, AND the theory wheels are already turning in my mind. Everyone is wondering who Spencer was talking about when she was like "he's here," and when Ali was writing her name on the blackboard (look who became a teacher?) she wrote a different last name. She's married. I'm thinking the "he" is her husband. 

What are your theories on this? Tell me what you thought of the big reveal. Tell me anything really. We're in a drought til winter. 

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