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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I love playing around with makeup and trying new looks, but I still have a current go-to I reach for when in need.

This isn't a set look of course, sometimes I mix it up. But for the most part, this is the no-fail routine. 

Let's delve in, shall we:
It seems like I'm always reaching for Chanel's all-in-one healthy glow to start off under the eyes. I feel like it's good coverage and it's got a little SPF as well. Then it's on to the essential BB cream that gets great coverage yet feels so light. It has more of a matte feel to it, but it's still a favorite. This ELF under eye concealer is the bomb, always making it look like I'm not sleepless and over caffeinated. 

I know it's near the end of summer, but it's still a thousand degrees which means if I'm gonna do a shadow, it's gonna be light. And maybe with some shimmer.... which is why I've been using the heck out of my Lorac Unzipped Gold and Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes palettes. An oldie but a goodie, Line Stiletto still gives a perfect wing. And for those lashes, I'm seriously addicted to the Lash Sensational madness. 

I'm still obsessed with Anastasia's Perfect Brow pencil. So much precision, every time. Finishing off with some clear mascara helps the look last foreeeever.

Cheeks + Lips
And finally, this NYX blush gives my cheeks a sweep of rose that's not too drastic. In the summertime I always gravitate toward brighter lipsticks, (because, duh) and two of my absolute favorites are from NYX and Maybelline. A perfect finishing touch.

Tell me what products you've been reaching for lately!

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