Getting back to the real world after vacation

Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm thoroughly convinced vacations are not part of one calls the "real world." 

Oh no, they are on a level all their own, complete with some sort of magical fairy dust and you never want to go back.

But, you must. So how do you float back down from the vacation cloud to real life routines?

Unpack first thing. When you get back home, the urge to leave everything packed for a bit and just take a nap or netflix the day away is strong. But I guarantee if you get everything back in its place, you'll feel better and everything will seem "normal."

Go to work. Even if you're not going straight back to work, act like you are. Check emails, whatever it takes to get you back in that mindset. It'll make the real thing seem like a breeze. Maybe. 

Rest up. When your mind is clear, you can get back to the grind with a little more ease. So there, you've got an excuse to sleep in!

What do you do to get your head out of the vacation cloud? 

Tell me! 

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