College Advice From a (Semi) College Dropout

Monday, August 17, 2015

My college experience hasn't been the typical one. I was there for three semesters, then took a break that turned into a "not going back" that turned into deciding on community college. #struggles

When I grew up watching the college years of Boy Meets World and Sister, Sister, I had high expectations. But come to find out, everyone has a different experience and sometimes you end up on a different path than you started on.

I don't regret the path I chose, but there are some things I'd go back and do differently the first time.

In fact, I actually made all these mistakes just so I could tell you what not to to.

Just kidding. 

Preparation is key. A lot of times a class' syllabus will be online before class even starts. Look at it. Familiarize it. Have an organization system. Get your books.  

Get out of your comfort zone. College is this whole new world that can be overwhelming to unsuspecting eyes, and your default will be to stay with what's comfortable. One of my biggest regrets is not rushing with a sorority, even though I truly wanted to. I couldn't get out of that comfort zone long enough.

Be active on campus. Even at smaller schools, there are sooooo many different clubs/ organizations/ etc. to be involved in and so many friends to be made. There is literally something for everyone. 

Don't get lazy. When the going gets tough and netflix is calling your name, remember that resistance is the hardest part. Once you make it through that, get to work. Finish the essay, study for the final until your pupils no longer exist...... whatever you gotta do. 

Just, don't be a lazy babe, k?

Take advantage of office hours. Need to ask your prof a question? Does that entire math worksheet need an explanation? (Don't they all) Professors have office hours for a reason, so use them. 

Get to know your roommate. (One thing I did right) I've heard about a thousand roommate horror stories over the past few years, but luckily none of them were my own. In most cases the roommate situation is one extreme or the other, and sometimes bad experiences are just unavoidable. But when they're good, they're good. 

Make the most of it. Not to sound like a cheeseball, but college is really what you make of it. It's okay if you don't know your major or what you're gonna do after graduation or even what you're gonna have for breakfast the next day. (Probably coffee and stale cheez-its) 

Believe me, the majority of people on campus are in the same boat. So just make everything you can out of it and go get smarter and stuff.

Anything you'd add to this little advice-giving sesh?

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