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Friday, August 7, 2015

{view from the sky}
It's been a bit of a busy week.... I flew to Florida for my grandmother's 90th birthday and spent five-ish? days there.

It seemed like the flight getting there was gonna be a breeze... we went through security in like two minutes and we were set. I should've known. 

The plane ended up having a brake issue and they had maintenance working on it while we were all sitting there for a good half hour with bad A/C, until finally they decided to move us to another plane.

It ended up not being that bad once we were on the second plane and the pilot was ready. It just wasn't so easy breezy on my anxiety. But I lived.

{Beach exteriors}

On Wednesday (the day after we got back home) I saw Fifth Harmony in town. 

It was one giant dance party and I loved every second.

{Bea Miller....she's rad}
{Debby Ryan & The Never Ending... also rad}

{Blurry wonders}
Now it's back to real life.... anyone else ready for fall? (I know, slow your roll Kaeleen)

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