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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Okay so let's talk last night's episode:

Right off the bat we've got Spencer in a scene that looks like it came out of The Ring. (I've never even seen that movie but that girl reminded me of The Ring girl. Creepy.) Now it's killing me trying to figure out who she was.

Sara is still sketchy to me. Maybe she's perfectly harmless but I'm just not sold. She always seems so... something. I don't know.

I used to think A was a girl but in all the closeups of hands we've gotten, they've seemed like a man's. But now the girl's are pretty convinced there was a bust in the photo. But why haven't we seen one before?

The realization that Lesli Stone was once in Radley makes a lot of sense and it probably is how she and Mona met. I don't know if she knew Charles though. That whole storyline will be interesting....

I'm not a fan of the whole Ali/ Lorenzo thing.... I'm not sure why so many of the girls have/ have had relationships with much older people. I know they're about to graduate but they're still in high school. 

I feel for Spencer so much.

As much as I doubt Lesli is A, something is definitely up between her and Mona. That sketchy phone call and the "I asked you to do one thing." Why didn't Lesli want the girls to know she had been in Radley?

PS. I feel like Hanna's crop top + skirt look needs some appreciation. 


What are your theories/ concerns/ feelings?

PPS. No episode next week..... why.

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