Previously on Pretty Little Liars... No Stone Unturned

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

To be honest this was probably one of the more "eh" episodes of the season so far. There weren't many answers given (although when are there ever) and it just seemed a bit anticlimactic for me.

+ However, Mona did pretty much confirm that Charles is indeed alive, but that had already been a theory and I'm beginning to think more and more that Charles is indeed A. 

+ If I found out I had a chip in my neck I would freak. Like how insane can you be to chip someone. 

+ The whole Emily/ Sara dynamic seems forced somehow, as does a lot of Emily's relationships. I miss Maya.

+ I'm assuming Alison's dad freaked out after he got that card from "Charles" and that's why he dug up his grave?

And that's all I got.... tell me your thoughts!

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