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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We're getting closer to the season finale aka the Charles reveal and I'm so ready. I'm ready to be done with all the games and all the guessing and confusion. Of course, I'm sure there'll just be new confusion. 

Anyway, let's talk about last night.

+ Hanna is having no sympathy for Charles and I don't blame her. I feel like out of all the girls she's the one most over all the crap. She's long finished playing A's games and she makes sure they all know it. I like that.

+ Is it just me or was Aria really sketchy about her prom dress? She was super quick to make sure Emily didn't get a peek of it and the "I want it to be a surprise" excuse seemed a little... off. All I could think about was the whole Black Swan thing....

+ I'm gonna need more Spanna scenes, asap. I love the whole dynamic of Hanna being sarcastic and done with everything and Spencer talking her down. 

+ Okay so let's talk about this Rhys (totally weird way to spell Reese, btw) Matthews guy. Why is he a Jason doppelganger? Why is his whole company so sketch? I think he's my biggest question, because it's obvious that he's connected somehow. But how? I don't necessarily think he's Charles, but the chances of him being a DiLaurentis are pretty high. 

+ Ms. Montgomery going all Mama Bear on Tanner is everything.

+ After everything, I really do believe Alison is sincere. In a way I don't understand how she could sympathize with Charles, but at the same time that was her brother. He's done unspeakable things, but it was her brother and she never got to know him. So I think she needs to mourn that loss and what could've been. 

Alright, so what did you think of this episode? Tell me theories!  

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