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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Some thoughts on last night's episode:

+ Andrew being adopted is the perfect evidence of him being Charles. I knew they were going to play that up, and they did. 

+ We learned that "Charlie" was Jason's childhood imaginary friend, but he wasn't really imaginary? That's kind of confusing. And messed up. Charlie is Charles. Yes? 

+ I'm not an Andrew fan but he brought up some pretty strong points when he was telling Aria off. I think sometimes the girls think about other people so much that they don't think of them. Does that make sense? Like, they try to make things better but sometimes they make it worse.

+ Everyone seems a little bit too trusting of Sara. She just seems so... off. And not just from being in the dollhouse for so long; her whole presence just seems shaky.

+ Where. Is. Mona

What are your thoughts? Tell me everything!

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