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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My dvr didn't record last night and I was on my way into a spiral when, thankfully, a link was found. Thanks internet, always lookin' out for your girl.

I think this was one of the best episodes as of late, I was so glued to everything and feeling a bunch of things.

So here we go:

+ I thought the we-think-Andrew-is-Charles story was going to be drawn out for a bit like most of the we-think-this-is-A's are, but it only lasted an episode. And now they're back to square one.

+ I like the way they did this episode, letting us in a bit on each of the girls' experiences in the dollhouse and the way they're dealing. It felt more, I don't know... real?

+ Honestly Mrs. Hastings is my least favorite parent sometimes. Yeah, Spencer had pill problems in the past, but she was literally tortured in a dollhouse for three weeks and I don't think refusing to get her anxiety medicine is going to help anything.

+ Out of all the things A has ever done to the girls this is the most twisted. Not just in the obvious ways, (making them torture each other?) but in the little ways too, like taking their bedrooms that they've always felt safe in and ruining them and everything inside.

+ One thing that seems a little off is how fiercely Aria wanted to make sure Andrew looked guilty. She was willing to lie and say she saw his face in the dollhouse. I know they all want it to go away, but her way of going about it was a little sketchy. I don't know. I just know that once you read Aria is A theories there's no going back.

+ And where was Mona this episode? I need to know what happened to her.

+ What is Ali's MO with this cop? If it's another love interest................

+ HALEB. Halebhalebhaleb

Your turn. Spill all the thoughts!

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