Previously on Pretty Little Liars.... Game On, Charles

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

After seemingly the longest wait there ever was, PLL is back. And so is the confusion and frustration and theories. Sigh.

+ Who else was convinced that other girl was Bethany? I kind of forget about Sara Harvey for awhile to be honest, but here she is, alive. Has she really been in the dollhouse the whole time?  Yikes.

+ The past however many episodes, I've been really feeling for Alison and I think she's actually changed. How can you not change once you're tortured by A? And you cannot say she isn't brave.

+ Andrew has always been on my radar as sketchy and he's definitely part of something but I just don't think he's A. I feel like that's gonna be the whole thing this first half of the season, trying to prove/disprove him.

+ Charles was confirmed a DiLaurentis and I thought Alison would know who he was, but from next week's preview, it seems like she doesn't. Maybe he's not her brother. Or he is and was put up for adoption or something? Or MAYBE it's Jason's real name and the other little boy in the home video is someone else. WHO KNOWS
{famous last words}

Lemme know all your thoughts!  

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