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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A lot went down this episode in terms of answers, yet somehow I'm still left with more questions... every time. 

+ Anyone else pleasantly surprised they didn't drag the identity of Charles out for the whole season? I wasn't too surprised, however, to learn he was Ali and Jason's brother.  

+ The whole thing with Ali's mom keeping the old house because that's where Charles was buried.... she lied about having him cremated, why couldn't she have lied about him actually being dead? She could've planted his headstone years ago as "evidence", although since she never let anybody in the house maybe that's stretching it.

+ Can Caleb just stop?? We need to bottle up his essence and sell it already. But I also totally understand how Hanna could feel like he was suffocating her at the moment. 

+ The girls' newest theory is that A knew Charles at Radley, which could totally be possible. The biggest clue A has ever given was Charles, but that's not necessarily their true identity. 

+ Still don't trust Sara. I don't know her MO and I don't like not knowing.

+ Spencer's flashbacks were super creepy and I hope Hanna is right in that A was just messing with her by putting fake blood everywhere. Oh A, always keeping it interesting. And twisted.

+ Speaking of twisted, the reason behind Charles being put in Radley is about a ten and a half on the twisted scale. He must've only been like what, seven or eight, and he literally tried to drown his baby sister. That's why I'm not sure I'm totally on board with Charles being dead. If a kid is that messed up then, just imagine what grown up him could be capable of. 

Well, they were definitely right about this season being a lot darker. But I kinda like it? What about you? Tell me all the thoughts!

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