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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 is halfway over. Say whaaaa? It seems like I was rolling out my April favorites not two weeks ago and now it's onto June! 

This month I think it was quality over quantity- there's not necessarily an abundance of products, but the ones that made it made it for lovely reasons. So let's get started:

Florence + The Machine's newest album was released at the end of May and it's a beautifully written and put together record. I find Florence's vocals haunting in the loveliest ways and I'm beginning to think she's this generation's Stevie Nicks. And I dig it.

I ended up getting this Taylor perfume for my birthday and it obviously became a favorite in less than a week's time. Its notes include peony, magnolia petals, vanilla, and cashmere musk, amongst others. 

I snagged this beauty of a lotion on my most recent VS trip. It's one of those scents that reminds you of another scent you used to wear but don't remember what it was called.... in any case Such a Flirt is my lotion of the moment.

The cutie little travel mug was another birthday gift, this one from my sister. She gets me.

I've been talking about the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette, for good reason. It's filled with such light, pretty summer-y colors and so many looks can be created. 

My birthday gift to myself was my first Kate Spade bag and I absolutely adore it. I'd been wanting one of her bags for quite awhile, but never had the guts to drop the $$. So at the beginning of June I figured, "It's my birthday month. Why not." I fell in love with this one in particular because of the color. It's a minty blue that pairs well with more than you'd think and it's not too over the top. I was a bit concerned about the size at first because I normally carry larger bags and I have so much crap I wasn't sure it would all fit. But after some compromising and organizing, it all came together. I don't regret a penny spent.

As far as TV goes, you know PLL is always a favorite.
Orange is the New Black was SOGOOD. (aside from Piper's character development regressing so far behind I can't even remember why we liked her in the first place) To be honest I kinda teared up at that last scene when they were all in the lake. All that was missing was NICKY. 
If you've ever seen Boy Meets World, please do yourself a favor and watch Girl Meets World. Thank me later.

Your turn to spill all the things you fell in love with this month!

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