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Monday, June 29, 2015

There is a growing issue amongst the fashion industry that must be addressed immediately.

Bralettes and bandeau bras are gorgeous, feminine and a bit of a necessity for certain summer fashions. That's nothing new.

What else is old news? The er, "well endowed" ladies are pretty much excluded from the bralette bunch. It's a travesty, really. 

Even my beloved VS, who never lets me down, has disappointed me time and time again when it comes to this mission. Honestly, is it really so hard to get a little support? 

SO. This is what I propose:

All the pretty bralettes and bandeaus you can imagine, in any size. This way, the affected parties will no longer have to think of impossible ways to diy this piece of essential fashion. 

A new era, with no heartache, only celebrations. What do you think?

Now, if I could only find an actual designer to collab with.... 

PS. Need this diy'd? Get an old cami with a built in bra. Cut off the fabric under the bra. Wear over actual bra.

See what we have to deal with?? 

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