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Friday, June 19, 2015

{Dog hair is part of the aesthetic now}
{Dress: Target | Vest: Papaya | Boots: Ariat}

Hi hello. Happy Friday!

I'm slowly emerging from my OITNB haze- I've got two episodes left of this season. {I know, I know, fallin down on the job} So much has gone down already... I knew it was all gonna go downhill when Bennett up and took off. That was my first clue.

Don't even get me started on Piper. 

Am I like, the slowest binge watcher ever or is anyone else still with me? 

{Next read}
{Vest: F21 | Shorts: Target}

I'll know how 21 feels in a week... I think I've reached the stage in my life where every birthday brings an existential crisis. You know, all the good stuff.

What are some of your favorite summer cocktails? Ideas in 3,2,1...

Birthday wishlist

At what point does it become inappropriate to make birthday wishlists? I'm gonna go ahead and say never.

Who's with me?

// Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume smells amaaazing and I'm constantly questioning why I don't have every single one of my girl's scents. I'm slacking.

// A Dyptique candle that up until recently I've been referring to as "The One All The Bloggers Have." They look like they smell pretty....

// Lorac Pro Palette 2. I love Lorac and I love a good palette. So this is only natural.

// F21. Like maybe an unlimited shopping spree? A girl can dream.

// Bloggers gonna blog shirt. Obviously.

// Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I've read that sometimes the VS angels use this before going on the runway and that's enough for me.

// You can never have too many summer reads. These have been on my radar recently!

Anyway, I'm off to sleep because lately my brain has decided to go into work mode at midnight.


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