21 things in 21 years.

Friday, June 26, 2015

{21 years of chic}
Twenty one years of life brings a plethora of lessons and mistakes that can shape you in more ways than one. 

That sounded a little too philosophical for a Friday. Sorry.

Anyway, while I don't have the life thing down 100%, (who does?) there are some lessons, tricks, mantras, etc. I've learned along the way that make it a little easier. 

21 things I've learned in 21 years:

1// You're more than what you were in high school.

2// You're never going to be everyone's cup of tea. It doesn't matter. Keep doing you.

3// Perms aren't for me everyone.

4// Magic does exist and it's a thing called coffee.

5// Coconut oil changes everything.

6// You don't find happiness by looking ahead or back on your life. You find it when you look around. {Thanks for this one, Taylor}

7// Your soul becomes so much more free once you let go of negativity and jealousy. 

8// No one can bring you confidence but you.

9// Finding your creativity can open up so many doors.

10// Not everyone is blessed with the pinterest gene. {AKA doing impossible diy's}

11// Fashion is an art form.

12// Early mornings aren't so bad. It's just the getting out of the bed that's awful.

13// No matter how long I've lived here, I'll never understand Texas weather.

14// Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.

15// Speak out on the things you're passionate about and believe in.

16// Cutting your hair is a little bit exhilarating. 

17// You'll always regret staying up until 2 am.

18// No matter how much you try to fight it, you'll never be able to leave Target empty-handed.

19// Your parents are usually probably right.

20// Be good to people. Compliment them. Be a light.

21// Life's short, talk fast. {Name that show}

And so, this is 21.

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