Why Girls Wear Makeup

Thursday, May 28, 2015

In recent years it seems there's been a debate going on that is tiring and insulting.

Why do girls wear makeup? Do they look better with or without it? Are girls lying to guys by wearing it? 

Then there's the common belief that girls who wear makeup are insecure. While this is sometimes true, {Even I still have a hard time going completely bare-faced} it's kind of  narrow-minded to just assume it, in my opinion.

Makeup is not some "new" thing that was just invented in the 20th century. No, it's been around since the days of the Stone Age and Cleopatra. Women have been using some form of makeup almost since the beginning, and it had a lot of different uses then, as it does now.

Unfortunately in the last couple of years especially, I've seen various internet articles/ videos/ and the like with headlines reading "trends guys hate," among other unflattering titles. But here's a novel idea. 

What if women don't wear makeup for guys?

There's a post somewhere on tumblr that says something to the effect of "if girls wore makeup for guys, there wouldn't be hundreds of girls on youtube giving tutorials," and I've never seen anything more true on this topic.

There are literally thousands of blog posts and videos on tutorials and reviews and just about anything else you could think of when it comes to beauty. Nobody is going to put effort into making those things if they're not genuinely interested in them.

While I'll admit it's true that I'm working on insecurities, my face routine has nothing to do with them. I wear makeup because I like a perfectly winged eye and pretty shadows and a good red lip. I enjoy testing out new products. If anything, makeup helps me feel more confident. I don't see how that could ever be a bad thing. You just have to find a balance and not get too caught up in the beauty industry and begin to equate your identity with makeup. 

It's not fair to put girls in a box and say they all do this for that reason. Some of us wear lots of makeup on the daily while some tend to stay more understated, and some girls even prefer to wear none at all. 

All of that is okay, because each one chose it all on her own, for her.

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