She hit the (door)

Monday, May 25, 2015

It was a typical Texas spring afternoon, the weather seemingly changing every hour. I had just finished a glorious Sunday after-church meal at In-N-Out, and the day was all going according to plan.

That is, until I went to get in the car.

It happened in slow motion, like those overly dramatic moments on One Tree Hill that you couldn't help but be mesmerized by.

The whole scene would've made more sense if I were a bit er, intoxicated- like the time my cousin broke her ankle after tripping in her heels- {If you ever read this Melanie, sorry I outed you} but alas, I was sober as could be, my only buzz the glory of the Double-Double.

It didn't really even hurt at first. I've hit my head on something like, a million times before, so this was nothing. Ooooor so I thought.

One second it was just me opening the door, and then, about halfway through my journey to the seat, the pain. You know how on Vampire Diaries {oh, how I miss when that show was good} when a vampire is transitioning all of their emotions are heightened? That's how it suddenly felt and I told myself it was just a freaky coincidence.

After all, I am an anxiety-filled, emotional creature and this is totally normal right please tell me this is normal.

However, after a quick google search told me this was, in fact, a sign of a concussion, I wanted to cry and laugh at the thought of getting one from a car door. 

As suspected, one trip to the ER and some swallowed pride later, that was the diagnosis. At least I wasn't actually becoming a vampire and have to feed in 24 hours or ya know, die.

This one was the mildest of cases, at least, so I can laugh about it. Because what else can ya do?

And hey, it makes for a pretty good blog story.

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