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Monday, May 4, 2015

I think I've gotten a pretty good skincare routine down in more recent days. 

To be honest I'm not totally sure what my skin type is, but it has the characteristics of combination. My forehead tends to get crazy oily and my breakouts are mostly {unfortunately} hormonal. 

All the products I use for skincare are natural because I don't really want chemicals seeping into my skin, and I've found that my face handles these products better.

My night time routine includes only three steps:

//When I'm in the shower I cleanse with Purpose wash, which I've been using for a couple of years and is really gentle and light. It's soap-free {soap dries your face out!} and hypoallergenic. 

//Once I'm out of the shower I spritz on some of my Boots Botanics Rosewater toning spritz. This product was my first experience with toner and it's aaaamazing! Toning is actually a pretty important step in skincare- it hydrates and detoxifies. 

//I let the toner set for a minute, and then my last step is moisturizing with coconut oil. It only takes a little bit {rubbed in really well!} and your skin is soft and fresh. 

I've seen a lot of bloggers and youtubers that have an array of steps and products in their routine and while that's great, it just doesn't work for my skin. What I've got going right now works and I like that!

Of course, I'm always willing to try out new tips! Spill your PM routine......

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