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Friday, May 1, 2015


I rarely have Fridays off but the schedule fairies have graced me this week. So I'll be out shopping.


Anyway, I've rounded up some lovely links for you to check out/ read/ whatever else you can do with links. Here we go:

// Appreciate the little things.

// I absolutely adore this little poem.

// This super easy salsa recipe. Personally, I think salsa should be a food group, along with pizza and poptarts. And now I'm just thinking about food.....

// One of my very favorite youtubers is doing this awesome campaign to send kids to camp. We're almost at our goal!

// Two words. Pizza. Pretzels

// Helene recalls her wedding day and it's too precious.

// These tips for getting through rough days.

Any links you've discovered? Tell me!

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