Honey Cinnamon Almonds | The easiest little snack ever

Friday, April 24, 2015

This snack is seriously one of the easiest you'll eeeever make. I'm sure there's tons of recipes for it out there,{I didn't concoct the combo up myself} I just don't follow any of them.

I wanted to test my own and I must say, it's pretty yummy.

So here's my "make your own rules" crazy easy recipe for this snackaroo....

All you'll need is the three ingredients in the name. 

// Unsalted almonds are best {I got mine from Sprouts} 
// Some local, natural honey
// And that cinnamon.
Grab a spoon while you're at it....

I could put a fancy spin on the directions, but there's really no point because this is all the nitty gritty of it:

Take a handful of almonds and put them into a bowl. Then spread a couple of drops of honey over the almonds.

Next, take your spoon and sprinkle a dash {what measurement is that, exactly?} of cinnamon in and stiiiir it all up.

The end result doesn't exactly look pinterest worthy, but don't let the messiness fool you. It's delish, healthy, and will leave your hunger craving satisfied. What more could you want in a snack?

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