April Favorites

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Someone tell me how we're at the end of April?

In any case, I found my fair share of products, mostly beauty stuff, that I've become a little obsessed with. 

Tell me all the stuff you've loved in April! And to keep it interesting, anything you kinda hated? Spill!

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Ballpark style

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baseball style

*This post is in collaboration with Fanatics.

Baseball season is officially here, and it can be challenging to know what to wear to a game. 

Especially in Texas.

What if it's 120 degrees? {Okay, not exactly. But close.} What if it rains? What can I wear with a baseball hat?

Look no further. Choosing your baseball game attire is actually easier than you think. If you're planning on sporting a hat, I'd say pick your outfit around that. Fanatics' team hats have a variety of styles and choices for you to pick from.

I decided on a Nike Dri-Fit hat because it gets hot at the stadium and if I'm going to wear a hat, I need something that keeps me cool. I also like the classic Rangers style this particular hat brings.

When you're going to a ball game, you don't need to go all out. Let the hat or your accessories do the talking. I personally like throwing on jeans and a tee. A Rangers tee, comfy little black tee.... anything of that sort will do. 

Throw on a little necklace and you're good to go!

Check out for lotsa merch for your favorite sports teams. They not only have MLB, but NFL, NBA, and NHL too! 

I haven't made it out to a Rangers game yet this season, but I'm determined to go to at least one.... {And we won't even talk about the Josh Hamilton trade}

What about you? Do you like baseball? Tell me your fav team! What's your ball park style?  

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Mood board vol. 3

Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Monday, another tumblr mood board. 

Spring has me feeling refreshed and simple, and also wanting a bit of summer. {Hence the lemonade in the corner}

These photos have me itching to go on adventures......

Tell me what vibes you're feeling lately!

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Honey Cinnamon Almonds | The easiest little snack ever

Friday, April 24, 2015

This snack is seriously one of the easiest you'll eeeever make. I'm sure there's tons of recipes for it out there,{I didn't concoct the combo up myself} I just don't follow any of them.

I wanted to test my own and I must say, it's pretty yummy.

So here's my "make your own rules" crazy easy recipe for this snackaroo....

All you'll need is the three ingredients in the name. 

// Unsalted almonds are best {I got mine from Sprouts} 
// Some local, natural honey
// And that cinnamon.
Grab a spoon while you're at it....

I could put a fancy spin on the directions, but there's really no point because this is all the nitty gritty of it:

Take a handful of almonds and put them into a bowl. Then spread a couple of drops of honey over the almonds.

Next, take your spoon and sprinkle a dash {what measurement is that, exactly?} of cinnamon in and stiiiir it all up.

The end result doesn't exactly look pinterest worthy, but don't let the messiness fool you. It's delish, healthy, and will leave your hunger craving satisfied. What more could you want in a snack?

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How to Create Your Personal Style

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Developing your own personal style can be a process if you've yet to find it. 

But it can be a little less overwhelming with a few little tips....

1// Visualization is key. I've had "inspiration photos" of Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad {still style icons} hanging in my closet for aaaages. I inadvertently made a real life pinterest board before it was a thing. Now that it is a thing, utilize it. Also utilize fashion magazine photos, style blogs... ANYTHING visual. Find styles that catch your eye and use them.

2// Create style goals using your visuals. Ask yourself what styles you're gravitating toward most and how you want to incorporate that into your wardrobe. Do you want to have a minimalist wardrobe? Professional? A mix?

3// Shop your closet. Get rid of anything you you no longer find appealing or feel fits your style goals.

4// Back to basics. Make a list of all the basic pieces for your style and wardrobe. An LBD, a good pair of skinnies, plain white tee, jewelry.... list them and get those basics.

5// Have fun with it. This sounds like the end of every middle school project instruction sheet, but it's probably the most important one. Finding your personal style is all about playing around with it and finding what works and what you feel confident in. 

Don't be afraid to try new things either. You don't have to have one set style.

That's the thing about fashion, you can always make it new and unique to you. 

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Maybelline Color Sensational's Faint for Fushia

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One of my finds on a recent Target haul was a Maybelline lip color that's perfect for spring/ summer.

And it's matte!

The shade is in fushia, but it's one of those fushias that isn't too bright or loud. I absolutely adore it, as well as the way it glides on and stays aaaaalllll day. 

Seriously. Go ahead and eat and drink and whatever. No worries..... your fushia will still be there bright as ever.
Matte is where it's at (new catchphrase?) and I'm totally in love with the feel and look of this lipstick.

Go out and get ya some!

P.S. Not sponsored, just love.
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L'oreal La Palette Nude 2

Monday, April 20, 2015

I've recently heard a lot about L'oreal's La Palette Nude 2 and decided to try it out for myself.

I don't have the first palette, but from what I've seen it's a lot of neutral browns, whereas this one is more purple-y taupe colors. 
I really like the pigmentation of these colors and there is a good mixture of matte and shimmer, which I prefer- it's always nice to have options. 

I particularity like the pink and silver colors; they're very versatile and pretty. Of course, so are the rest of them..... 

After having a bit of time to play with this palette and create a few different looks, I'd definitely have to recommend it.

Have you tried either of the L'oreal La Palettes? Tell me your thoughts!

Leslie Knope it

Friday, April 17, 2015

You know how Leslie Knope goes into everything 110%, doesn't take BS, and when things are going wrong she somehow always pulls it all off and everything's perfect?

Yeah, you should do that with your life.

Know your goals and what you want and go after it. No excuses.

Do everything with passion and heart and soul, whether it be a new workout plan, your job, love life or a new project. Do it all fearlessly. 

Just Leslie Knope it.

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Essie Blossom Dandy

Thursday, April 16, 2015

On a recent Target trip, I decided to try out a color from Essie's 2015 spring collection.

I ended up picking Blossom Dandy, a pretty blue, almost turquoise color that's perfectly pastel.

I absolutely looove the formula. The color glides on and you don't need more than two coats. 

The wear is pretty decent; because I work with my hands a lot my manicures (unfortunately) start chipping fairly quickly, but this lasted nearly three days before I saw any flaws.
This is by far one of the best spring colors I've seen lately and it's definitely going to be getting its wear. Essie never seems to disappoint...... 

Lemme know if you've tried Blossom Dandy or any other colors from the spring collection!

Four Steps to the Perfect Red Lip

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today I'm filling you in on my "perfect red lip" routine. 

It's simple, easy, and only four steps! 

1// Moisturize
Adding some balm first keeps the lips from getting dry or cracked.

2// Line 
I'm not a lip liner person, but I love transparent liner that helps keep color stay put. I just line like you would normally and bam, time for the next step.

3// Add color
This is the fun part. Go in with the red of your choice (today mine is Rimmel Moisture Renew As You Want Victoria)

4// Blot
Don't forget this step! It ensures excess color is removed and gives things a bit of a matte look.

And you're good to go!

Fill me in on your red techniques! What's your go-to red lipstick?

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Monday playlist #4: What I've been digging lately

Monday, April 13, 2015

I've been discovering a lot of rad music as of late that I wanted to share with you.

So I've made a(nother) playlist!


Tell me what bands/ artists/ songs you can't get enough of lately!

LC Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse collection

Friday, April 10, 2015


I adore the LC Lauren Conrad line.

The collections are always fabulous and every time the brand likes one of my IG posts, I die a little.

So when I heard LC's newest collection is going to be inspired by Minnie Mouse, I was suuuper excited, and excited to find out a few sneak peeks are available!
I'm personally loving the polka dots and Minnie ears tee.

The full collection will be available May 10th!

The babydoll

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Every girl needs a good babydoll dress.

It's lightweight, versatile, and feminine.

The addition of a pretty kimono or cardigan and floral bag is perfect for spring and can give that dress a little extra something that I really dig.

How do you like to style babydoll dresses?

Dress | Forever 21
Cardigan | Papaya 
Hat | F21
Bag | Apt. 9
Triangle necklace | LC Lauren Conrad
Chain necklace | DIY'd
Earrings | Papaya

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