What's in my bag?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm a bit of a nosy person. Maybe that's why I like reading blogs so much; you get to peek into another person's life without feeling like a psycho. 

Obviously that means I love reading/ watching what's in people's bags, so much that I decided to make my own post. So you can get rid of that overwhelming curiosity....   

First things first: The bag. 

It's this little number that I got because it reminded me of Michael Kors but wouldn't make my bank account cry. I absolutely adore it.

Now let's dig into this thing.... {PS it's not actually this organized}
1// Gum. I always need gum in my bag. My current flavor is pumpkin spice from Trident Layers. {It actually tastes like pumpkin spice. Yummy.}

2// Kenneth Cole sunglasses that I got for a nice little price from Clothes Mentor. They're all scratched up now but I still love 'em. 

3// Earphones because I feel kinda naked without them with me.

4// A tampon pouch, because I'm a person of the female variety.

5// Oil sheets because my forehead can get an oily hot mess.

6// My wallet from Target that is the perfect size for my receipt hoarding. 

7// Makeup bag. A bag for makeup. A bag in which you put makeup.....

8// I always have to have some lotion with me. 

9// Hand sanitizer for those germs.

10// Baby powder, aka the peeeerfect dry shampoo. 

11// My phone. Duh. You think I'm going anywhere without that??

12// Keys. With a whistle. Because safety first and stuff. 

13// Gloves. Do I need gloves in the middle of March? No. Why are they still in my bag? Who knows. I needed some good gloves this winter, so I got these and thought I'd keep them in my bag for easy access. Most likely they'll be in the same spot when next winter rolls around. Or til I switch bags. We'll see.
My travel maekup is pretty basic... I don't even have any shadows or liner in there. {although I should add some}

There's my eos, {Blueberry flavor} I'm so obsessed with those little eggs. 

A mirror- can you tell I like initialed stuff? {Does anybody know what that's actually called? They're technically not monograms... but they have to have a name, right?}

Mascara for those "I'm a mess but mascara will make my face look okay" emergencies.

Aaaaand three lipsticks. {Rimmel Moisture Renew 240, Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Loreal ColourRiche 179} Because I'm a horrible lipstick hoarder who doesn't know what to do with them all so they're randomly thrown in places. Except the Rimmel 107. I must have that with me always.
Now it's your turn. Dump out your bag and tell me what's in there!

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