That's what I like about Texas

Monday, March 2, 2015

I'll spare you a history lesson, but it's Texas Independence Day, and we're pretty serious about it.

Like, really serious. Texans love Texas and here's why you should love it too..........

// Whataburger. One of the best little burgers you'll ever have. It's like, a staple or something. 

// The crazy weird weather. It can be totally annoying, but who else can say they have all four seasons in the span of a week?

// Football season in Texas is something everyone should experience.

// Tex- Mex. Yaaaas. {When did I start saying that word unironically?}

// Texas country is a genre within the genre of country music and it's kind of awesome.

// Dallas. Oh Dallas....
// The Texas State Fair comes around once a year and gives us fried foods we never even thought could be fried.

// America's Team, y'all. America's Team. We can talk crap about a bad game or Romo's countless thrown interceptions all we want..... but if someone else tries to? Ouch.
// We have so much history there's a whole school subject on it. Not just history, Texas history.

// Beyonce is from Houston. You're welcome, world.
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