Spring Essentials

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today marks the official first day of spring! With a new season comes new essentials and must-haves, and I thought I'd share some of mine for this spring.

Lemon essential oil
// I've recently been getting into essential oils {<== That was a sponsored post, this isn't} and lemon is a perfect one for springtime because it's light and fresh and can help with spring cleaning. Find some more uses here!
// I love my fall/ winter candles, but when a new season hits sometimes you want some fresh scents. 

Recently I've been loving Signature Soy in Vintage Lace from Target. It smells really pretty! Can something smell pretty? Well I'm declaring it. It can.
eos lip balm
// Or as my cousin calls them, "My egg." They're seriously one of the best balms and perfect for healing your lips from harsh winter effects. 

My most recent flavor is Strawberry Sorbet and it smells sooooo good.
Floral. And coffee.
// Every spring rolls around and I find myself drawn to floral, and I'm reminded of that ever so famous Miranda Priestly quote, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

But I just can't help myself.

Sorry Miranda.
Top: Forever 21
As for the coffee, it's technically an every season/ daily essential, so it only made sense to throw it in.

I loooove hazelnut and sometimes I'll add some milk and cinnamon for a little extra. I also like to put iced coffee back into the mix for this time of year. Instant mood lifter.

Bright nail polish
// I'm all about white and light pinks and blues right now.
Coral lipstick
// I tend to shy away from lighter lipsticks because they have the ability to make you look younger and I have that issue naturally.

BUT if you can find a coral that's just the right shade, it fits right in with springtime.
Color: Maybelline Shocking Coral
Statement necklaces
// Fall is the season of the scarves, and I feel like spring is all about statement necklaces.

They're able to instantly add a finishing touch to a simple look and I'm kind of obsessed.
A rad playlist
// Music kinda puts everything together. See what's on my playlist next week!

Welp, that was a lot to cover, but fun to put together and I'm thinking about doing it seasonally. Let me know what you think!

Also, what are your absolute must-haves for this spring? 

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