Previously on Pretty Little Liars... The Melody Lingers On

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Alison's trial was officially underway last night and things were a tad intense.

Here's my thoughts:

+ Those creepy twins were randomly at the trial. I don't know when we saw them last and then all of a sudden they're back? That has to mean something. Or maybe it was on purpose to throw us off. 

+ Sooo are we pretty sure Varjack is A? That makes sense...


+ #hannaandcalebforevs

+ "Do you wanna just give up and go shopping?" In which Aria is me.

+ Okay, so I knew something was up with Andrew. He's always seemed so shady, and being outside Mona's house while the girls were there? Creeepy.

+ What was that ending? And was that Tippy the bird? 

I just need answers before my brain explodes. 

Tell me all your thoughts/ theories/ rants.......

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