Previously on Pretty Little Liars... To Plea or Not to Plea

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

+ So according to the police Alison killed Mona with Hanna's help. Yeeeah. Sounds legit.

+ I feel like this is the most development in Spencer and Melissa's relationship we've ever seen.

+ Ughhhh quit throwing random people in to mess with relationships. We don't a British guy to come and flirt with Spencer there are better story lines.

+ Alison took the plea. Alison took the plea. JK SHE DIDN'T.

+ Hanna's phone getting hacked is more proof that A is just too smart. They can outsmart even the best.

+ Alison didn't take the plea but that didn't stop Hanna from getting arrested....... I don't even know how to feel about anything.

Tell me your thoughts!

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