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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My thoughts and emotions on this episode are eeeverywhere, so. #SpoilersAhead

+ Honestly I had forgotten about Leslie and then she just showed up. I think that's what they wanted; for us to forget about her and then it be this bombshell when she testified against the girls.

+ Ugggghhh I hate Detective Tanner so much. Like go away already.

+ I had to stop overanalyzing for a moment to appreciate Aria's Tres Tres Tres outfit.

+ WHAT IS UP WITH ANDREW?? Manipulating Aria, that's reeeal great of him. He's so sketch.

+ "He's a policeman, Spencer!" Yeah, an 18 year old policeman. I still don't understand how that happened. 

+ Does this mean Andrew was in the woods when Ezra, Caleb, and Mike were there? Or it probably means he wasn't there. I don't know anymore. {I say this like, every week}

+ Okay so, I kind of knew where the trial was headed but OMG. I can honestly say that all my "Alison is A" theories are long gone. She's a lot of things, but she wouldn't be doing this stuff to herself. And she definitely didn't kill Mona but she was found guilty and it's all messed up.

+ Also, if A isn't actually revealed next week, I'm so done with this show. {Jk it's too late for that.}

Tell me all your thoughts/ feelings on this episode!

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