Link love || 03.13.15

Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm not particularly superstitious, but I tend to get a liiiitle nervous on Friday the 13th. 

Weird things happen. 

So while you're listening for werewolf noises and trying to stay alive, be sure to check out these lovely links:

// Sarah lists the most satisfying feelings in blogging. Let's be real, we all can relate.

// Great inspiration from Summer.

// Homemade poptarts? Say whaaa? Sign me up. 

//  Lauryn gives the peeerfect tips for contouring. I need to get on this asap. 

// Wanna start freelance writing? Read this.

// A great post on DSLR photography. I find reading tips from other bloggers is much more helpful than the actual instruction manual. 

Got any good reading material? Share!

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