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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If all goes as planned, we'll be moving in a few months. 

Not super far, just to a new place, which means an opportunity to put together a whole new bedroom.

With the clock ticking, you'd think I'd be, ya know, cleaning out all the crap I've accumulated over the years, but instead I've been down the pinterest rabbit hole. Oops.

I'm digging crisp, girly vibes with lotsa white. {White is everything}
When I was ten, I painted my walls fushia pink. Yeah. My dad questioned it and said, "Are you sure you're gonna want that in a few years?" But I was determined. {Not much has changed since then} Buuuuut surprise, surprise, ten years later and I don't love the bright pink anymore. It's just so.... loud. 

I'm ready for something more chill and cozy. Grown up. 

Because I'm so good at pretending to be one of those.

What vibes do you love for your bedroom?

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