Your new BFF's name is Frank

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I am officially in love.... with Frank.

I'd heard about Frank from all the cool bloggers but had never tried it. That is, until my friend tagged me in an instagram photo telling me this stuff was riiight up my alley. Because it smells like coffee. Duh.

Next thing ya know, I've got Frank ordered {they had me at free shipping} and was patiently awaiting the arrival.  
It was beyond worth the wait. I wasn't sure if I was doing the scrub right the first time {Is there even a wrong way to do it? I don't know} and there seemed to be more of it on the floor of the tub than on my body. 

But I followed through and the second I rinsed everything off my skin felt smoother. Not just kind of smoother, but like all-I-wanna-do-is-touch-it smooth. Is there magic in that bag?

The thing about Frank scrub is it's literally coffee. It doesn't have a bunch of chemical crap a lot of "natural" things do- it's just coffee, almond oil, brown sugar, water, and some other oils. That's it. 

Another thing- it's said to help with eczema. Say whaaa? After my third scrub I haven't seen too much of a difference, but I do have a patch on my wrist that I sometimes get from my watch {beauty really is pain} and it's always better after the scrub. 

Some tips:
// I've gotten a routine down to scrubbing three night a week- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can do it as little or often as you'd like, but 2-4 times a week is recommended

// Take a shower as usual and then scrub after so you still have some water- scrub's gotta stick to something!

// Your bathtub will look like you're showering in dirt/hair dye/whatever. Get used to it.

// Let the scrub soak into your body for about 5-10 minutes. 

What to do while you're Franking? {Don't make that dirty}
// Read

// Put in a hair mask

// Jam sessions

// Take selfies.
Didn't think there could be yoga for your skin?

Think again.

P.S. This isn't even close to sponsored. I'm just in love.

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On my nails: Essie Muchi, Muchi

Friday, March 27, 2015

I love a good light pink nail color for the spring. 

It's pastel and fresh and pretty.

Yesterday I picked up an "oldie but a goodie" of the Essie colors, Muchi, Muchi. It's a kind of opaque color that takes a couple of coats to really get the effect of. 
Once those coats are on, it's good to go!

Honestly I have yet to find an Essie color that I haven't fallen in love with. They're all so lovely.

Go grab yourself some of this polish asap! It's like spring in a bottle.
Chevron rings | LC Lauren Conrad {Similar}

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Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Welcome to the Dollhouse

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I wasn't sure about my expectations for this episode. On one hand, I was expecting this big shock, but the realistic part of me realized it probably wouldn't be the huge "reveal" it was being built up as.

I've played this game for so long now I know how it works.

Anyway, these are some of my less than put together thoughts from last night:

+ So I guess the whole Aria is A theory I've been obsessively reading up on is donzo. I'm actually kind of relieved. 

+ OMG THIS DOLLHOUSE THING IS SO CREEPY. But it makes sense with the whole doll obsession.. remember a few seasons back when there were dolls, dolls everywhere? Hated it.

+ MONA'S ALIVE. Aaand she's been brainwashed by A.

+ Just kidding, she's still Mona. Really smart Mona.... I missed her.

+ I really thought she was dead. Like.... I went through a mourning period and everything. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

+ Obviously Andrew is involved somehow... but how? He could be the hacker....

+ I just knew this episode would end up being like this somehow: We know who A is but we still don't know who A is. Who is Charles? Is that his real name? What does he look like? Is it even a guy? When we saw him standing next to Spencer the hair looked like it could've been a girl's slicked back. 

Aside from the actual "reveal," this episode was one of the best this season. As always, I'm left with more questions than answers and it looks like I'm going even deeper in the theory rabbit hole. I've read a lot of theories that say Charles is Jason's twin, but I don't think he is. Assuming the little boys in that home video were Jason and Charles, one looked older than the other. 

But at this point, I'm not betting on anything. 

Pleeeease tell me your theories/opinions/thoughts because I'll need something to get me through until the summer premiere! 

PS. If there's anyone out there who's figured out how to quit this show, lemme know. I'm desperate. 

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Spring playlist

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Last week I mentioned sharing my spring playlist and here it is!

Lots of chill + fun vibes.

What are you listening to this spring?

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Bits + Baubles

Monday, March 23, 2015

{Target dress obsession}
I thought I'd create a new column called Bits + Baubles that combines some musings and what I've been up to lately on instagram.

WDAC got a bit of a redesign over the weekend and I'm really happy with it. I loooved my design before, but it was a pre-made template and I was ready for something a bit more unique for WDAC's brand.

Angela did a fabulous job!
{Iced macchiato and rolled down windows}
Lately I've been trying to use more natural products and I'm loving this post from Erin. {Except for the coffee thing. I will always drink all the coffee}

I don't want to get obsessive about anything, though. It's all about balance.

Spring Essentials

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today marks the official first day of spring! With a new season comes new essentials and must-haves, and I thought I'd share some of mine for this spring.

Lemon essential oil
// I've recently been getting into essential oils {<== That was a sponsored post, this isn't} and lemon is a perfect one for springtime because it's light and fresh and can help with spring cleaning. Find some more uses here!
// I love my fall/ winter candles, but when a new season hits sometimes you want some fresh scents. 

Recently I've been loving Signature Soy in Vintage Lace from Target. It smells really pretty! Can something smell pretty? Well I'm declaring it. It can.
eos lip balm
// Or as my cousin calls them, "My egg." They're seriously one of the best balms and perfect for healing your lips from harsh winter effects. 

My most recent flavor is Strawberry Sorbet and it smells sooooo good.
Floral. And coffee.
// Every spring rolls around and I find myself drawn to floral, and I'm reminded of that ever so famous Miranda Priestly quote, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

But I just can't help myself.

Sorry Miranda.
Top: Forever 21
As for the coffee, it's technically an every season/ daily essential, so it only made sense to throw it in.

I loooove hazelnut and sometimes I'll add some milk and cinnamon for a little extra. I also like to put iced coffee back into the mix for this time of year. Instant mood lifter.

Bright nail polish
// I'm all about white and light pinks and blues right now.
Coral lipstick
// I tend to shy away from lighter lipsticks because they have the ability to make you look younger and I have that issue naturally.

BUT if you can find a coral that's just the right shade, it fits right in with springtime.
Color: Maybelline Shocking Coral
Statement necklaces
// Fall is the season of the scarves, and I feel like spring is all about statement necklaces.

They're able to instantly add a finishing touch to a simple look and I'm kind of obsessed.
A rad playlist
// Music kinda puts everything together. See what's on my playlist next week!

Welp, that was a lot to cover, but fun to put together and I'm thinking about doing it seasonally. Let me know what you think!

Also, what are your absolute must-haves for this spring? 

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What's in my bag?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'm a bit of a nosy person. Maybe that's why I like reading blogs so much; you get to peek into another person's life without feeling like a psycho. 

Obviously that means I love reading/ watching what's in people's bags, so much that I decided to make my own post. So you can get rid of that overwhelming curiosity....   

First things first: The bag. 

It's this little number that I got because it reminded me of Michael Kors but wouldn't make my bank account cry. I absolutely adore it.

Now let's dig into this thing.... {PS it's not actually this organized}
1// Gum. I always need gum in my bag. My current flavor is pumpkin spice from Trident Layers. {It actually tastes like pumpkin spice. Yummy.}

2// Kenneth Cole sunglasses that I got for a nice little price from Clothes Mentor. They're all scratched up now but I still love 'em. 

3// Earphones because I feel kinda naked without them with me.

4// A tampon pouch, because I'm a person of the female variety.

5// Oil sheets because my forehead can get an oily hot mess.

6// My wallet from Target that is the perfect size for my receipt hoarding. 

7// Makeup bag. A bag for makeup. A bag in which you put makeup.....

8// I always have to have some lotion with me. 

9// Hand sanitizer for those germs.

10// Baby powder, aka the peeeerfect dry shampoo. 

11// My phone. Duh. You think I'm going anywhere without that??

12// Keys. With a whistle. Because safety first and stuff. 

13// Gloves. Do I need gloves in the middle of March? No. Why are they still in my bag? Who knows. I needed some good gloves this winter, so I got these and thought I'd keep them in my bag for easy access. Most likely they'll be in the same spot when next winter rolls around. Or til I switch bags. We'll see.
My travel maekup is pretty basic... I don't even have any shadows or liner in there. {although I should add some}

There's my eos, {Blueberry flavor} I'm so obsessed with those little eggs. 

A mirror- can you tell I like initialed stuff? {Does anybody know what that's actually called? They're technically not monograms... but they have to have a name, right?}

Mascara for those "I'm a mess but mascara will make my face look okay" emergencies.

Aaaaand three lipsticks. {Rimmel Moisture Renew 240, Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Loreal ColourRiche 179} Because I'm a horrible lipstick hoarder who doesn't know what to do with them all so they're randomly thrown in places. Except the Rimmel 107. I must have that with me always.
Now it's your turn. Dump out your bag and tell me what's in there!

Previously on Pretty Little Liars... I'm a Good Girl I Am

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My thoughts and emotions on this episode are eeeverywhere, so. #SpoilersAhead

+ Honestly I had forgotten about Leslie and then she just showed up. I think that's what they wanted; for us to forget about her and then it be this bombshell when she testified against the girls.

+ Ugggghhh I hate Detective Tanner so much. Like go away already.

+ I had to stop overanalyzing for a moment to appreciate Aria's Tres Tres Tres outfit.

+ WHAT IS UP WITH ANDREW?? Manipulating Aria, that's reeeal great of him. He's so sketch.

+ "He's a policeman, Spencer!" Yeah, an 18 year old policeman. I still don't understand how that happened. 

+ Does this mean Andrew was in the woods when Ezra, Caleb, and Mike were there? Or it probably means he wasn't there. I don't know anymore. {I say this like, every week}

+ Okay so, I kind of knew where the trial was headed but OMG. I can honestly say that all my "Alison is A" theories are long gone. She's a lot of things, but she wouldn't be doing this stuff to herself. And she definitely didn't kill Mona but she was found guilty and it's all messed up.

+ Also, if A isn't actually revealed next week, I'm so done with this show. {Jk it's too late for that.}

Tell me all your thoughts/ feelings on this episode!

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Bedroom Inspiration

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If all goes as planned, we'll be moving in a few months. 

Not super far, just to a new place, which means an opportunity to put together a whole new bedroom.

With the clock ticking, you'd think I'd be, ya know, cleaning out all the crap I've accumulated over the years, but instead I've been down the pinterest rabbit hole. Oops.

I'm digging crisp, girly vibes with lotsa white. {White is everything}
When I was ten, I painted my walls fushia pink. Yeah. My dad questioned it and said, "Are you sure you're gonna want that in a few years?" But I was determined. {Not much has changed since then} Buuuuut surprise, surprise, ten years later and I don't love the bright pink anymore. It's just so.... loud. 

I'm ready for something more chill and cozy. Grown up. 

Because I'm so good at pretending to be one of those.

What vibes do you love for your bedroom?

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Aria Montgomery Inspired Spring OOTD

Monday, March 16, 2015

There's something about spring that makes you wanna live in flowy dresses and floppy hats.

It gives you boho with a touch of glam and just enough edge.

Of course, for Aria Montgomery, that's just another Monday.
Dress | Thrifted
Hat | Forever 21
Earrings | rue21 {old}
Watch | Folio

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