Previously on Pretty Little Liars... Bloody Hell

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Well. This week's PLL was... bloody. And confusing. What's new?

+ To be honest I feel kind of bad for Alison right now. Like, realizing that your friends genuinely thought you were responsible for making their lives miserable? That's gotta hurt. Knowing what we know now, all my "Ali could be A" theories went buh-bye. 

+ I like how Spencer just jet off to London. What about school? I never know with these girls. 

+ I actually thought that scene with Spencer finding blood in her bag in the middle of her interview at Oxford was a bad dream. But nooope. Will we ever find out whose blood it is? What were A's exact intentions by putting it there? So many questions. 

+ I called Aria and Andrew happening. I don't know how I feel about it.

+ This episode had me warming up to Talia a lot more. I think we can trust her. I think. 

+ There's three weeks until we find out who A actually is. Except I don't think we'll ever really find out. Call me a pessimist..... 

What are your PLL thoughts?

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