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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! So, last night's PLL was a big ole' episode of crazy. 

+ First things first, watching Spencer and Toby's relationship spiral is pretty much the saddest thing ever. They've been there at each other's best and worst and it's all going down because Toby cares more about his job than his girlfriend. Like, I get it, you wanna be a good cop, but don't treat your girlfriend and her friends like crap in the process. We were rooting for you, Toby. Ugh. #madaboutit

+ This whole "Taila's husband" thing is just so weird and it seems like her story is different from his.... apparently Emily thought it was fishy too. She got outta that one....

+ I was more than a little freaked when we found out Mike had Mona's blood. I was like, okay this is not Aria's mysterious younger brother from season one.

+ I was starting to think that A "signed" Kate up for the beauty pageant and looks like I had the right idea. I hate A.

+ OMG so. many. revelations. When Mona's death first happened part of me thought maybe it was just one of her elaborate plans that she always dreamed up. And it was. A had her convinced they could "expose" Alison and Mona would be free of her. She had it all worked out and it just went horribly wrong. Did I mention I hate A?

+ Aaand by the end of the episode I was back to feeling sorry for Mike. So that's where I'm at.

Spill your thoughts on all the drama!
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