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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thoughts on last night's PLL:

+ I'm still trying to warm up to Jonny. I don't know his angle and I don't like that.

+ Okay so I hadn't realized how much Talia reminds me of Maya. Her and Emily's date also seemed eerily similar to Emily's and Maya's.... just throwing that out there.

+ Speaking of Talia, I was way off on what her sketchiness was. I thought she was like, working for A or something. Didn't see her being married coming.

+ And on that note, I think Emily's storylines have so much potential other than just "who she's dating now." 

+ MIKE. What is happening? Why is he helping Cyrus or whatever name he's using now? What's up with the blood? So. Many. Questions.

+ I reeeally don't like Hanna's dad.

What did you love/ hate about this week's episode? Tell, tell!

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