On finding yourself.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

If present day me had told high school me that I would end up taking a {very long} break from college and move back home on some sort of journey of self discovery, high school me would've laughed. She would've rolled her eyes and said firmly, "No. I'm graduating in four years. That's that." 

The thing is, not everything works out the way you plan. Life happens and sometimes you end up losing yourself along the way. What happens then? When you can't remember the person you used to be but you want so desperately to go back to that person? You have to start over in a way, and the thought can be overwhelming.

I think it's all about becoming free. Finding yourself is kind of an art, just like a lot of things in life. There's a line in the chorus of the song "New Romantics" by Taylor Swift that says "The best people in life are free," and I saw a tumblr post {If I could find it again I'd link it} talking about how this person thinks maybe the line means that the best people are those who are confident and good and who have been able to find themselves. And because of that, they are free. I can't be sure what Taylor was thinking when she wrote that line- this could totally be like in english class when the teacher is sure a line about apples is all metaphorical when really the author just wanted to write about apples. I don't know. But I like the idea of setting yourself free by finding who you are.
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Falling in love with your life is a slow, long process, but it seems like once you get there you seem to just radiate happiness and confidence and none of the little stuff matters anymore. I think that I'm finding myself little by little each day, in the things that bring me joy and light and laughter. What things bring that for you? Do them. Do them everyday, even if you don't feel like it. 

Fake it. Surround yourself with only good people. Say yes more. Soon you'll start to see glimpses of the person you used to be.

I believe that when you've truly found yourself, you become both who you once were and someone totally new. That's the most beautiful part. 

How do you find yourself?

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