Easy nail polish storage

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm forever adding nail polishes to my collection, which means that said collection can get less-than-organized pretty easily. 

Up until recently I kept all my polishes haphazardly in a drawer, and before that everything was crammed into a cosmetics bag that was waaay too small. 

Luckily, for Christmas I got a Caboodles bag that was perfect for all my polishes. It's spacious and I even ended up having room left over for the inevitable new bottles.
I also wanted to make it easier to see the colors, so I did this cool lil trick I found on pinterest awhile back. 

All you need is a toothpick. That's it. Dip a swab of color to put on the lid, let it dry, and voila.
If you wanna get really fancy with it, you can even organize it all by color. I, however, decided to keep with the "throw it all in" trend. Whatev.

And there ya go! A super simple way to keep all those polishes in check.

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