Monday, February 9, 2015

The writer's block has been real lately and I was searching for inspiration when I got the genius idea to write about writer's/blogger's/whatever's block. 

So meta. Or something.

I've thought of eight ways to fight that pesky block and get back on track. Trust me on this, because I'm such an expert. 

1// Waste like five hours of your day on tumblr. Reblog all the things and then look back on your choices. At least two blog posts can come from that, easy.

2// Stalk your favorite blogs and wonder how they make it look so simple. I know you know what I'm talking about. 

3// Eat pop-tarts. Don't ask. Just do.

4// Think about all the people who are younger than you and way more successful. {I'm lookin at you, miss Lorde} Kinda makes you wanna write the next great American novel so you can show them up, doesn't it? You're welcome.

5// Read 365 Blog Topic Ideas. All the ideas in one place.

6// Imagine what life would be like as a pretty little liar. How would you get rid of A? What outfits would you wear while doing so? Ooooh, interesting. Boom. Blog post.

7// Go shopping. Again, don't ask questions, grasshopper. Just do. Kaeleen says.

8//  Step away. Write when inspiration finds you, or you find it. It always seems better that way.

Tell me how you fight writers block!

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