Friday, February 13, 2015

Venus Trapped in Mars
Instead of stressing over not having a valentine, {lol} I've spent some time thinking about who/ what could be my valentine if it were possible. 

And then I took a good hard look at my life.

1// Pizza. You're always there, man. You never let me down. Thanks for that. #BeMine?

2// Starbucks. Or any coffee, really. You're my right hand man, the one that keeps the blood flowin. I really just have a lot of love for you. #BeMine?

3// Anyone in the history of ever who has called me cute. Shoutout to you. #BeMine?

4// Target. Keep doin' you. Keep making my bank account cry. It loves it, trust me. I love you, too. #BeMine?

5// Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick. Thank you, you little magical tube of color. #BeMine?

6// Justin Timberlake. Listen. I know you got your girl and I respect that. But please. Just on the 14th.... #BeMine?

If you could pick aaanything to be your valentine, what would it be? Tell, tell!

*Today I'm linking up with the lovely Helene and Sarah. {And thanks for the post inspiration}

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