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Monday, February 16, 2015

I love blogs. I mean, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't? Reading other blogs is a part of my daily routine, and finding ones that just get me is super important. 

So, I've managed to compile a list of all my top, can't miss, must-read blogs because you should be reading them too, and because I love sharing the love. {Saturday was Valentine's Day, after all}

My blogroll...

// The Skinny Confidential: This one goes first because it's like, the lifestyle blog. Lauryn has created something incredible that really is a lifestyle of its own. I find myself on TSC time and time again for inspiration and good health tips, because girl knows what she's talking about. 

// Venus Trapped In Mars: If you like sports and have a sense of humor, you'll love VTIM. Sarah's humor never fails and her blogging tips are on point. Also, she's Dallas based and I looove reading local blogs. Basically I'm always obsessing over VTIM for one reason or another. 

// A Walk in the Park: Carly's style is incredible and AWITP is filled with pretty pinterest-worthy photos that will make you oooh and aaah. I'm obsessed. #canwebefriends?

// Helene In Between: Helene's another Dallas blogger who I go to for new music recommendations, fun Buzzfeed-esque posts, and blogging tips. 

// The Girl Who Loved to Write: Chelsea's honest, optimistic view of life is inspiring and TGWLTW is full of writing tips and inspiration, and a cutie pup. What more could you want?

// But First, Coffee: I obviously first gravitated to Kallie's blog because of the name and I stayed for the rad beauty tips she has.

To be honest there a quite a few other blogs I read a lot, but if I listed them all it would take forever. So do yourself a favor and check out all the blogs I follow on bloglovin. And then visit them and fall in love!

What's on your blogroll? Did any of them make my list?

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